Founded by ex-robotics and software executives brought together by the understanding that in today's fulfillment world:

Intelligence can impact fulfillment more powerfully then previously imagined

We at Finally are fortunate to have built a world-class team of AI, software and robotics talent and to team up with senior leaders from Walmart, UPS and other global fulfillment pathfinders. Based in Israel, the company has launched a grocery SFC and builds SFC products for General Merchandise, Grocery, Apparel and 3PL e-commerce markets.



Avi Lifshitz, CEO
Avi Lifshitz
CEO, co-founder
15 years of robotics and logistics experience
Lenny Ridel, CTO
Lenny Ridel
CTO, co-founder
25 years building complex algorithmic systems
Or Salmon, VP R&D
Or Salmon
VP R&D, co-founder
10 years of building software and AI for autonomous systems

Advisory Board

Mark Ibbotson
Mark Ibbotson
Former EVP Central Operations and Real Estate at Walmart US, COO at Asda UK
Paul Durkee
Paul Durkee
Former Automation Lead at Walmart, Innovation at Sam’s Club



We are a team that swims against the current. Every day we wake up to thrive against the odds, and empower change in a legacy industry, enabling  it adapt to tomorrow’s consumer. 
The things we value in the people we work with are:

Team first
Personal horsepower
Fail proof

Founding Story/

Or Salmon and Avi Lifshitz worked shoulder to shoulder at Caja Robotics, trying to build the perfect hardware for e-commerce fulfillment centers, only to learn in the process how Sisyphean this task is as AGV manufacturers were already quickly commoditizing many of the hardware components for robotic fulfillment. The “Aha” moment came as they witnessed firsthand the power of software to dramatically impact performance of any robotic unit in a warehouse setting. At the same time, serial startup CTO Lenny Ridel was leading the software team at GE Additive, finding new ways to democratize Metal 3D printing with software and AI. The three left to found Finally, with the vision to power the next stage of e-commerce.

Join a winning team/

At Finally, we're on a mission to revolutionize the way grocers interact with technology. We're constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, creating cutting-edge solutions that shape industries and enhance lives. If you're passionate about robotics, AI, and pushing the limits of what's possible, we want you to join our team. Whether you're an engineer, marketer, or strategist, there's a place for you here to make a meaningful impact.
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