How it works/

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Our SFC features the most simplified operation among the robotic alternatives, with a streamlined end-to-end process powered by UX, AI and robotics.

Decanting Stock

Robot-assisted decanting of any grocery good type, into a variety of available containers.

Orders received
via API

Finally's OS

Our end-to-end OS connects order and warehouse management functionalities for streamlined integration and operation.
Finally's OS

Order Picking

Simplified picking allowing high pick rates with simplified operations

Merging Orders

Bins from multiple picking zones are merged at the picking station to create consolidated customer orders seamlessly.

Staging for Dispatch

Robots mobilize customer orders and stage it for routed trucks, on-demand delivery or pickup.

Additional Processes

Self Troubleshooting
Operator follows simplified on-screen instructions to troubleshoot most common robot issues easily
stock verification
Stock Verification
Robot-assisted stock quality and quantity verification processes allow operators to maintain correct stock levels.
Waste Process
Data-driven waste process for expired goods and fresh produce, built-in to the daily operator tasks at the picking station